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GNOME.Asia 2015, part 2: the talks

I attended a few talks. The highlights for me were the sandboxing talk by Dave, the gtkgst one by Matthew, and the keynote by Tobi.

On the last day, I gave a talk entitled “Understanding the release cycle”. The idea for it came in the last weeks before the 3.16 release when I noticed, as is always the case at the end of the cycle, that people get confused about the freezes and their purpose.

While I already gave a few talks in the past, I think this was my first time doing one in English. As always, I had a bit of stage fright and I’m sure I went a bit too quick. I’m always afraid of not having enough time and I always end up being two thirds through my slides when I realize only a third of the time has passed. From then on I become very self-conscious and try to slow things down, and I guess both have a negative impact on my speech. I’m not sure how good the talk was, but it was well attended and I got some interesting questions from the audience and I hope my answers were satisfying.